They are known as perfumers, fragrance designers or noses... gifted with an extremely delicate sense of smell, they passionately scrutinise every odour, combining and transposing them into fragrance with the sole aim of making us dream, taking us on a journey and creating emotion.



For 30 years

Our fragrance library has grown in line with trends, markets and technological advances.

In touch with the latest raw material innovations and making use of the marketing information essential to understanding fragrance trends, our experienced perfumers develop fragrances that are made to measure for your particular project.

Supported by a state-of-the-art analysis department and with an in-depth understanding of the various international regulations, they skilfully meet your requests in accordance with your specifications.

Familiar with the technical constraints involved, they are able to design stable, high-performance compositions for applications as demanding as room fragrances, cosmetics and detergents using an optimal range of ingredients.

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Our fragrance designers

"I enjoy examining each of the facets of a raw material. For me, its nuances are like shades of colour. I combine them in a host of different ways, blending, toning them down or revealing them."  Marine


“Every childhood memory, every single moment in my life is associated with a particular type of scent. My passion expresses itself through my memories.”  Emilie


“I like to think of perfume as an art, halfway between technique and self-expression, were every olfactory tone reveals different emotions specific to each.”  Floriane


“Perfumes resonate within me in the same way as music. I compose fragrance accords whose harmony is a score that is interpreted in the mind, heart, and soul.”  Jean-François